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~Tentang MSU World Fair

 “I’m not sure whether it’s because of the food or the traditional costumes that made us won at the Montclair State University’s World Fair (MSU’s World Fair). Possibly it was because the food were interesting and the costumes were colourful, but hey, it could be because we looked friendly and gave a warm welcome to every visitors who came to our booth. Whatever the reason, we, the PERMIAS New Jersey, were happy and surprised to have won the first place.”

The MSU’s World Fair this year was held in April 23 and participated by 35 clubs and organizations, where each was looking to introduce its mission and activities to public. People came to this event to enjoy free food and drinks and especially to learn about the culture from other countries. Each participants displayed the table with an international, cross-cultural, or multicultural theme with interactive session. This was the first time we participated in the MSU’s World Fair. For this event, we cooked Gado-gado, Sate Ayam and Rujak Gula Merah and provide some pictures that shown the beauty of Indonesia. One student stated that the spicy seasoning and the sour fruits in the Rujak Gula Merah made for a very interesting – but tasty dessert. We also prepared traditional costumes from Palembang and Bali, to make the experience complete for the visitors. They were so excited and taking so many pictures while wearing these costumes.

Actually, it was very challenging for us in participating on this event.

First of all, MSU’s World Fair was held in the middle of the final exam week. Therefore we were short of hand and had to cancel our Balinese Dance performance since the manpower was not enough. The unexpected problem was the weather. First came the snow, followed by rain and high winds, and at last, the heat from the sun. It was like we had to endure four seasons in a day!

The surprise really came at the end of the event. We were cleaning the tables and packed all things so we could go back to class when the committee came to our booth and announced that the Indonesian Students got the first place this year. We didn’t even realize that it was a competition!
I have to say thank you for all of the member of PERMIAS NJ who mostly are graduate students that give their attention and time while also doing their finals week. As a family we really understand that togetherness and creativity is the best way to give the best as a represent of our country here in the US. I have to say that we had very INTERESTING weather but nonetheless it was still a very successful day and great experience, thanks to the universe!


Written by: Kadek Ridoi Rahayu (President of PERMIAS New Jersey), on behalf of PERMIAS New Jersey. This article has been featured in PRESTASI USAID’s WEBSITE

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